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est. Mar / 1990

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I'm a Web Developer @ HubSpot.

I've built tons of cool things with React, Vue, and (in a long distant past) jQuery. I've used Node, Rails, and PHP to connect various services, deploy REST/Graph APIs, build custom development tools, and keep data in sync across multiple datasets. I enjoy my role as a mentor and supporter of other developers, and I do my best to inspire others to do great work.

When I'm not writing code, I'm playing video games, playing music, or being played emotionally by the San Diego Padres ⚾️. If you think I'd make a great addition to your team, friends list, or MLB season ticket membership, feel free to drop a line below. It's great to meet you ✌🏼

Web Developer, Musician, Baseball Enthusiast

Doug Alcantara

Web Developer, Musician, Baseball Enthusiast


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