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I'm the Founding Engineer @ Fabric.

I've built tons of cool things with React, Vue, and (in a distant past) jQuery. I've used Node, Rails, and PHP to connect various services, deploy REST/Graph APIs, build custom development tools, and keep data in sync across multiple datasets. I enjoy my role as a mentor and supporter of other developers, and I do my best to inspire others to do great work.

I am currently buidling the future of the internet. In other words, Web 3.

When I'm not writing code, I'm playing video games, playing music, or being played emotionally by the San Diego Padres ⚾️. If you think I'd make a great addition to your team, friends list, or MLB season ticket membership, feel free to drop a line below. It's great to meet you ✌🏼

Web Developer, Musician, Baseball Enthusiast

Doug Alcantara

Web Developer, Musician, Baseball Enthusiast


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